Haircare Gift Guide by Philip Conradsson Haircare Gift Guide by Philip Conradsson

Hair Care Gift Guide by Philip Conradsson

Christmas is around the corner, something I long for every year. It means leaving the city, work and all other obligations for a few days and just focusing on the family. It’s something special about being able to spend a few days with your loved ones as you’re getting older. Maybe it’s because I know how much it meant for me when I was younger. Having a child of my own has definitely made it even more special, seeing how he appreciates it.

Something that also changed over the years is how much more fun it is to give away gifts rather than to receive them yourself. So, I’ve decided to share my best gifts from Maria Nila for your loved ones.

For my girlfriend

For my girlfriend, I would go for the True Soft series. The shampoo and conditioner contain argan oil, antioxidants and fatty acids that leaves the hair with a silky smooth and shiny finish. The smell of lily, jasmine and rose is actually as much of a gift for me as it is for her. I would also give her the Structure Repair Leave In Cream which is perfect when the hair is a bit damaged, and the Styling Spray for when she needs that extra touch up.

For my best friend

To my best friend, I would give away the Structure Repair series. Since many of my friends tend to be a bit sloppy when it comes to what products they use for their hair, this series would be their rescue. Structure Repair moisturizes and reinforces damaged hair to gain back its natural strength and softness. For styling, I would give away the Gneiss Moulding Paste, which is a lighter wax that works for almost all hairstyles. I would also give the Salty Cream which enlightens curliness and gives a natural flair to the hair.

For my dad

I would definitely go for the Sheer Silver series for my dad. Mainly because of its power to neutralize golden tones and leave the hair in a balanced shape with perfect shine. When it comes to styling I would give away the wax Slate, the Ocean spray and the Dry Shampoo. This is a great combo that works all year round.

For my mom

I’m certain that my mom would love the Pure Volume series, which makes the hair voluminous but light at the same time. Among that, I would give the Pure Volume Masque together with the True Soft Argan Oil, an ideal combination for a natural and elegant look that keeps your hair healthy in the best possible way.

For myself

My own hair care routine is an important part of my everyday mission to keep the hair in the best possible shape. For quite some time, I’ve been struggling with psoriasis and dandruff in my scalp, and by using the series Head & Hair Heal from Maria Nila it has gotten so much better. For styling, I would definitely go for the wax Schist, True Soft Argan Oil and the Styling Cream. With these products, my hair stays soft and in great condition all year round.