Interview with Rags, CEO and CO-founder of The Perfect World Foundation Interview with Rags, CEO and CO-founder of The Perfect World Foundation

Interview with Rags, CEO and CO-founder of The Perfect World Foundation

As a part of our friendly journey, we give back to nature and wildlife by supporting different charity- and wildlife organizations. Helping us with this, we are proud to have our long-term partner The Perfect World Foundation. To celebrate this important day of World Environment Day, June 5th, we asked The Perfect World Foundation’s CEO and CO-founder Ragnhild “Rags” Jacobsson for an exclusive interview.

Interview with Rags, CEO and CO-founder of The Perfect World Foundation
Ragnhild "Rags" Jacobsson with her husband and Co-founder Lars Jacobsson.

Happy World Environment Day Rags! As you’re already aware of, we’re so proud to have you and your team as our long-term partner and inspirational source. What are you most proud about regarding your work with TPWF?

First of all, thank you so much and likewise! We really appreciate working with you and seeing everything you do to help provide the world and people to a friendlier place and life.

As for my proudest moments and work tasks, I have to highlight my team and how much they and we have fought and worked the last ten years. I’m also incredibly happy that we’ve succeeded in having so many international people visiting us, showing curiosity in our work and participated during different events and activities. To have Sir David Attenborough joining us as live for his receiving of “The Perfect World Award” was a milestone for sure.

Then I of course have to say that all our ongoing projects and the charity donations we collect gives me the best feeling of them all. That’s true happiness and passion!”

What’s your personal most important question regarding the world’s animals and climate?

For the animals, I have to choose the world's mammals since only 4% of these are living in the wild. We are currently working on finding a way of educating and inspire people to save the few wild animals that we have left. As for the environment, I would say that tree plantation is my most passionate task. There are so many benefits with planting trees and also the most effective way of reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Besides the trees capacity of reduce C02, they produce oxygen, develops new habitats and re-builds biodiversity. Ever new tree that we plant makes a difference, in that way everyone can participate and give something to the environment.

Can you tell us more about your choices behind your different tasks for the environment and animals?

Most of our projects are decided upon crucial situations where animals or parts of the environment are in immediate need of help. Most of the animals we are working with are close to the verge of extinction which we always prioritize. To us, the most important thing is that we are well aware of where the fundraiser money goes to prevent that they fall into wrong or inappropriate intermediator hands.

Tell us about Maria Nila as a brand and partner?

To be honest, we think Maria Nila is a dream company to work with! You’re a team of young and ambitious people who have a strong and clear belief in the future. Together with your great passion and courage, you dare to invest wholeheartedly in new ideas and projects. To us, Maria Nila is a company which make actual change and never stops inspire people to a make the world a better place. Thanks to you we have also been able to target new and different kind of target groups and people with our common message. You inspire us to keep on working for the animal and environment rights.

Thank you Rags for taking your time in answering our questions and for your always so inspiring work and words!

The Perfect World Foundation
Rags and Lars visiting Svalbard for their work with The Perfect World Foundation.

Please visit their website to read more or support their work directly:
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